The golf surf school has pleasure in sharing. It’s passion :The sea, our life is the ocean we enjoy going surfing and maximize each moment offered by nature. We are ecologically responsible for environment and, are reaction is to preserve and protect.
This area is unique (the landes) for surfing and other related activities.

We are based in Moliets et Maâ in the south west of France, and a lot of our work is voluntary in preserving and protecting our coast line.

We are driven by the idea that we are part of the environmental solution.
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Our engagement is translated as follows :

  • Organizing the collection of waster product brought by tide changes on to our coast line in collaboration with mayor of Moliets.
  • Part of our courses offered explain how the sand dunes came about the forest and the local traditions.
  • All are product are ecological and biodegrable and recyclable (wax ,pamphlet , sun tanning lotion).
  • We are members of Surfrider Foundation
Surfrider foundation